About Handling.



What is the Handling and who is the handler?

Handling - a system of professional show dogs in the conformation rings, as well as preparing for them. The very same handler - a man, leading the dog, showing her in the ring before the expert.

What is the work of the handler, except that it takes a dog in the ring?

First of all, the dog must be prepared by them. Into account all peculiarities of anatomy, picked up speed and rate of movement around the ring. If a dog trained groomer, the handler can test - how well it has been combed and stacked, as its task is running the final result works breeder and groomer.



Contact :

Mobile phone : 8-903-269-84-89

Home phone : 8-499-163-65-39

E-mail : handling@inbox.ru

ICQ : 234-900-922


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